All About Chocolate


We use only the best chocolate with no unnecessary additives that muddle the taste. We even temper our chocolate to give it the perfect snap! We use milk, dark, super dark (vegan for our plant people) and white chocolate. 

In an effort to be true chocolatiers, we use real white chocolate. What makes it real? It has cocoa butter in it. Most things you buy labeled 'white chocolate' are not actually chocolate, they're just smooth sugary-ness. (Pro tip: Real white chocolate has a yellow tint from the cocoa butter while the smooth sugary-ness is reeeeally white, like sugar.)



The cacao tree. The most wonderful plant we have ever beheld and it was really love at first sight. The Cacao tree is native to the amazon rainforest and from its apple tree-like branches we get the cocoa bean. The cocoa bean is technically a seed (a really big one) and we imagine it was the inspiration for many sci-fi movies. 

From its alien self come all cocoa solids that we need to make wonderful, beautiful, life giving chocolate. 

Did you know Chocolate is naturally anti-bacterial? 

That's right! The natural compounds in cocoa beans have an anti-bacterial effect. This gives chocolate an extended life, as long as you don't add a bunch of stuff to it. (Unlike most companies, we don't add anything.) 

Although the shelf life is almost eternal, you won't find anything on our shelves more than a few months old because we make everything in small batches. Why? Because fresh is always better!



It's not a common term because most companies don't do it. But don't worry, we do and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Tempering chocolate is the process of heating and cooling the chocolate to actually change its molecular make-up. This long process results in a smooth, glossy finish and a nice snap when you bite it! (Bendy chocolate can stay home) Tempered chocolate even has a higher melting point so you don't have to worry about it melting so quickly in your hands, not that it will be there long. 

We take the time to temper every bit of chocolate that leaves our factory!



Chocolate is life.